From the signals of birds sky-high in Dublin
You smell the eyes of the river close to you

If only I carried the eternal enigma of birds away
And the handful blossomed at the city of Athens

Releasing my silent voice as far as the river Liffey
Birds communicate fluently affecting one another

Dense is the will when it blows
But I still cannot replace silence

Landed on contradictory second thoughts
I miss how it is to fly under common time

Try to observe in birds the concentrated feet while flying
There hangs the key of their self composure in progress

Arranging priorities of the morning in my mind
The steps worship the useful speed of mankind

Concentrated in footing thoughts
I serve what awaits me in silence

To find links with invisible Homes then I let some noise rush
From the open tilt window to the white sheets of the hotel

Unforgettable are the raw images you didn’t imagine before
With Seamus Heaney it is inspiring to stew in our own poems

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