Youth Exchange "Human Nature": in Lithuania

Coming back...and before leaving again, under the hot hot sky
of all -in-a pot Athens, I checked my emails,
of which the following seems really very interesting...

European Village at Thissio need people for exchange!


Youth Exchange based on outdoor methods (my tip: may not like that observing at Dublin snapshot but also curious, spontaneous and alive) and dedicated to fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The project will be carried out in Alytus and Varena.
The duration of the exchange program: 10 days.
Total number of people that will be involved in the project :30.
4 participants and one leader per partner/country.
Partners are from 6 countries: Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania.

Dates: 2010-08-18 - 2010-08-29.

The Lithuanian organization will buy your tickets so you don't have to pay money in advance to buy them.

The selection procedure will be based also on priority of answer.

Please if interested in having more info, contact soon.

Mob.0030 6980786164

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