Vita Bond

November comes like a lie

On my nose

As soon as I take both suitcases with me

My two emails for flight time

Instead of packed meals

Words need to indicate as clear monumenta

Whilst I am reading an intercultural essay

About vitizen various thoughts fly

From one cloud to another


Sunlight appears

Away from the office

No reports for the day after

No yellow tips

Just a ballet of clouds in flight

Ignorant of Dubai financial opportunities

And the gateway to the future

I write and forget now

Current futile facts will not milk my patience

Any more

I belong to the world and Latin life

My name is bond

Vita bond

I am going to declare nothing than that

To the audience tonight

I am not a good tipster

How to eat the lobster

The only thing you need

The only thing you have

To do


Let yourself be

Swim in the true amber of this lie

In November

The big fish is you

Eat yourself

To give objects a flesh

Vita bond is with you tonight

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