International Science Film Festival: the place to be.

If you work in non-fiction, scientific and factual entertainment, whether you're a producer, a broadcaster, a distributor, a scientist, an editor, a student, a professor, a journalist or one of any number of suppliers to the industry, you'll want to be there - you NEED to be there. Where? At the International Science Film Festival in Athens
(Entry Deadline : March 15th 2009)
http://www.caid.gr/isffa , http://www.caid.gr/en/index_contact.html

4th International Science Film Festival 2009
Athens, Greece

Convey science in a way that it becomes accessible and attractive to the main public, with an artistic format – familiarizing the audience with science.
Promote the interest for television and film themes, treated in a scientific approach.
Disseminate scientific knowledge.
Create a catalogue of films and multimedia specialized in divulgation of scientific themes.
Inspire new scientific film-makers

The winners will be granted with:
· Best Film Prize
· Innovation & Technology Prize
· Art Prize
· Audience Prize
· Science Communication Prize

Producers are highly encouraged to attend the Awards Ceremony. Prizes are delivered to the producer or his representative

· Documentaries, TV Series or Multimedia based on scientific subjects for main public, produced during or after the period of 2007.
· The film must not have been released in Greece before the festival.
· The format must be DVD or Betacam SP, in English or Original version.
· The version of the film should meet all appropriate conditions for screening (no time code, no gaps in-between).
· The Entry Form must include 2 copies of the film
· The Entry Form must include, at least, 1 photo (cd) in 300 dpi.
· You must send us an English script (word doc in cd)
· You must send us a short description of the film (word doc in cd - synopsis – 10 lines).
· The Entry Form should include press materials and posters.
· Permission for the Festival to use for promotional purposes (of the film and the festival) an excerpt from the film not exceeding 2 minutes, as well as photos/material of the film by all ways of analogue or digital transmission (including the festival’s site) is considered granted upon entry.
· Permission for the Festival to communicate the film to the public for non-commercial purposes (e.g. at schools, universities) is also considered granted upon entry.
· The Entry Form must be duly completed and properly signed. Candidates who forget the signature will be automatically excluded.
· The Entry Deadline is March 15th 2009.

Organised by
· CAID Science & Society Centre

Reminder: Please, fill in the entry form DIGITALLY
CAID Centre
6, Ellinikou Kosmou str.
182 33 Ag. I. Rentis
Athens, Greece
tel. +30 210 7251893
fax. +30 210 7290013
*η φωτογραφία δείχνει -εκτός από το φως- έργο του Daniel Lee, το οποίο είχε προβληθεί στην Καλών Τεχνών, το 2006, στην έκθεση "In Vivo In Vitro", Ergostasio Center, Athens, Greece.

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