14th Biennale of Europe and Mediterranean, Skopje

(The) Return

You know myths are like water

They return

By turning the fury of times

Into the light of the timeless water

Of the valley

Sentiments of fatigue and agony live here

For any man in the world

While Europe with a horse will fly

Over the Mediterranean in 2013

You lie over from one thing to another

In your dreams

But as you wake up in an eiderdown

And with a flaky pastry breakfast

Dreams of intensity have set down for you

Only that mint light


To Gaza

To the murders of children in cold blood

Not early alienated by accident


Without freedom nor human rights

Some did not care about taking

The responsibility for that

Before entering the 7 gates

You know myths are like light


They return

Behind the drumming of heroes

The spitting look

The ruin that teases Lethe

Like the teasing mosquito

In the silence of the night

By the history of images

Cultural imperialism has been justifiable

Whilst personal responsibility

Is of tiny stature

Today while myths remind that

Man has soul, senses, body

Language is a judge

For algorithms

Of ravage - savage movements

After responsibility and passion alliance

You know myths are like nostalgia


They ask for a place in the stardom

That does not

Belong to them

Well now

We have experience of

What exactly the return to myths

Does mean


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