3 Photostops:all from Ireland -Eire, the green island

1st photostop: I love writing

snapshot from Dublin Writers Museum
18, Parnell Square, Dublin 1
''The Dublin Writers Museum was established to promote interest through its collection and displays in Irish literature and the lives and works of individual Irish writers. While the Irish Writers' Centre next door handles the business and promotion of contemporary Irish writers, the Museum presents the literary heritage left to us by writers of the past. Its complemets the smaller, more detailed museums devoted to individuals like Joyce, Shaw, Yeats and Pearse, and brings to life the writers and their times with photographs and portraits, letters, first editions and evocative personal possessions''.


2nd photostop: I love design
Cliffs of Moher

At their highest , they tower 660ft above the Atlantic, and standing on the headlands that jut over the sheer, ravaged cliffs with their great bands of shale and sandstone, you can experience how unprotected man seems in front of the waves...
Listening to the harp there is also a good memory to take with you before leaving as well as eating chowder (sea food) at the restaurant of the 1st floor. Wc taps are also a nice highlight to notice.

3rd photostop: I love nature

By travelling the Ring of Kerry you reach the very pleasant hillside town of Killorglin, which is well-known for its annual Puck fair, held in mid-August. This is a bacchanalian event with a wild goat captured and enthroned, but released to nature after the end of the Puck fair. 3 days full of drinking and dancing, plus a cattle, sheep and horse fair. The fair's pagan origins date back to the Celtic festival of Lughnasa.

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