Matrioska flying song

No matter how
You have been raised
Either as a sparrow or as a dove
One pure question peels off
Two wings of proper feeling
Dwelling in a shadow

Like a sperm -?-
From which
Conception, pregnancy, birth
Everything started
One question mark
Cannot let you go away

Even invisible the wonder
Watches you
While watering the cellar
Of the curious mind
It drinks nips of doubts
In your hair

Water is good
Don’t be afraid
Swim wise

Not giving too much
To your parents
Was ever a fear
You mostly disliked
Guilty is not the only word
For this feeling
There has been a whole world
Of impressions seen
From this falcon balcony

It is something
Weird like
Matrix in a box
A heavy complex
One panspermia
Free of tax at the customs office
Like a chewing gum in your mouth

Dawn is coming
But you need sleep
Your body must stand
Up in the morning
One age-Alma on
One amalgam inside

In your dreams love
Appears in a kiosk
Outset and outcome
Of this love
Like two hands coincide in -k-
To hide Hellas
Ios island in a hug

Waves in pair
Finger crossing caves around
Hellenic fair
With an English lost and found

Matrioska is
In between all this game
Culture and civilization
In one motion

On the road to coins
We could reach nothing
But maturity through love
One amalgam
Algos and ammos
Sand by hand

Mum and dad twitter
On the same branch
In a festive circle of singing
In a family lunch
Love is not only to care
Or to dare
But also to share
It is one song of sand
Free like a neckerchief
In a marketplace
Wednesday morning

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