Double coffee please

When he and she began to dine
Under the open silver-shine
His catty remark
Made the full moon
Suddenly disembark
And seek another cocoon

For the rest of the week
My desire was arrested
To liquidize anything dense
That jumped the fence
Of their conversation
As a wild token of perversion
In an alternate flying circus
Of bees and butterflies

As one passenger of thoughts
I play the palm tree game
By talking and keeping
Palms in motion
Fingers in action
By her actions
Of Self-induced pain

As water now runs
Drops from the kitchen tap
Sound like two guns

Whilst he can be intact
On the grass
Contacts for the mass
His spines wait still
For her brain
Just like these of a cactus

No plants
No roots
Just boots
For the rain that comes
Double coffee please
For the brain that laughs

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