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September 2009

Europe is MORE than you think
-so it's time to open the ArMORy

Salut tout le monde,
Youthmedia.eu wants to grow stronger and builds a Network of Country Coordinators to reprensent Youthmedia.eu in their countries.

There are two contests running: the "Freedom of Young Media" contest and the "Europe is MORE than you think"Award.

If you want to stay tuned about Youthmedia outside the homepage have a look at the following links:
BLOG: http://blog.youthmedia.eu/
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/youthmedia_eu
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Youthmedia/248105975458

CONTEST: Europe is MORE than you think
Young journalists, photographers and videographers are invited to compete for eight prizes in the "Europe is More Than You Think" Award 2009, organised jointly by the Council of Europe and the European Youth Press.
The contest wants you to look beyond the headlines which dominate the common understanding of Europe - big government, international finance and trade agreements - and capture the Europe which, all too often, goes unnoticed.
The award is open to residents of Council of Europe member states, with the most important rule being that entrants must be aged between 18 and 27. The closing date for submissions is 6 December 2009. Entrants can submit their work in either French or English.

CONTEST: "Freedom of Young Media"
Only 6 more days to go for our first Asia-Europe competition. With the slogan "Freedom of Young Media" young journalists until 30 years can upload their articles, video- or audio-files, photos and pdf-files to Youthmedia.eu and AYCN.net and join the debate over continents.

Until 20th of September the competition, jointly organised by the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre and the European Youth Press, is still running.

Just log in to the competition-website and upload your media. You can win Adobe software package, a DELL-Netbook and a Microsoft software package. Experienced journalists from both continents and media experts from OSCE, European Journalism Center, InterNews and UNESCO will therefore evaluate all entries.

CALL: European Youthmedia.eu Coordinator
Youthmedia and the European Youth Press are searching for a European Coordinator for Youthmedia.eu to build up a Europe-wide team of country coordinators. The job is approximately 4 Month of work and the coordinator will receive a gratuity of 250€ /month. The main tasks are:
- Build up a team of Country Coordinators for Youthmedia.eu
- Prepare information material about Youthmedia.eu and it's contests
- Advertise the platform and contests on European level
- Support Country Coordinators in building up national groups
- Communicate internal and external

To apply please write an email with information about you and your motivation to fulfill this task to info@youthmedia.eu - The deadline is 20th of September.
*As one of the delegates selected by the General Secretariat of Young Generation of Greece for Skopje Biennale (3-12.09.09, 14th Biennale of Europe and the Mediterranean, -where my participation regarded poetry)- I lived 10 inspiring days there, thinking, sharing and also taking pictures. The photo posted here is one of them...
want to know more? then visit the vision of my friends, Machiel and Fabbio:

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