Single stones

Full moons of ochre
In One-eyed Years
Were coloring night
Arts made
By people of solitude
In the snow

One train started exposing
Stones from one culture to another
Running through the snow
And the acute contrasts

In the beginning people were
Seeing only one truth
Of the nation and the leader
Of the saving victory

Later stones started being plenty
Showing the double path
The math eye

Then single stones remained raw
Like pebbles in the sea
Pure white but without
Mediterranean caress
In the first twilight

Freedom and culture
Had already attended to
All the necessary so that
Double mind tests
Did not shoot
Tastes of people

Among human skeletons
On the way to get away
From single stones
Eyes look down
Two looks not to be met there
The only warrior’s left over
With Yours as
One unarmed survivor you are


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