Lego ‘‘sticky’’ news for a global social meaning.

It may sound strange but according to an article, published on 16th of this October, in the Greek newspaper ‘‘To BHMA’’, one chewing gum stuck on a street of asphalt needs 50 years to decompose. So, the authorities in Barcelona are very worried due to the fact that at least 20 chewing gums have been counted at every pavement square. In that, they think about measures in order to prevent citizens from spitting their chewing gums out on the ground.

However, if we have a closer look around and worldwide, we are going to notice a variety of measures taken on the same issue. For instance, in Singapore, since 1992 the selling of chewing gum has been forbidden as well as its consumption. Moreover, the ‘‘smuggling’’ of chewing gum in Singapore is punished with a penalty of 6.000 dollars. In Holland, every citizen that spits a chewing gum out, on the street, has to pay then for a penalty of 90€. Last, Germans have counted that the removal of chewing gums from any paved surface all over Europe is going to cost 900 million Euros (€) per year.

In Athens, apart from the chewing gums on the streets, it is a pity to see theatres like Herodion suffering from chewing-gum ''invasion'' more and more during the summer…

I am wondering then: how about being more careful and caring about the urban surroundings where we live, breathe and walk? Not throwing a chewing gum away on the street is a matter of civilization.

Don’t swallow what is going to make your face look ugly.
Think global, act local!
Tell your friends about the chewing gum story with a K.I.S.S (keep it short and simple)
Take action and behave daily.

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