LegoView: With Fredrik Edfeldt, the director of Flickan

Born on 24th of February in 1972 on the outskirts of Stockholm, Fredrik Edfeldt studied Film Theory and Mass Communication at Stockholm University and filmmaking at Stockholm’s Film School.
His feature film FLICKAN (THE GIRL), which I saw at the 15th Athens International Film Festival for the first time, is an existential drama about a 10-year old girl left behind by her family in the summer of 1981. Director Fredrik Edfeldt and producer David Olsson, -Acne Film-, made their feature film debut with THE GIRL, distributed by Scanbox Entertainment. The script is written by Karin Arrhenius, who earlier wrote the screenplay adaptations of One Eye Red (2007) by Jonas Hassen Khemiri and the autobiographical novel In Your Veins by Lotta Thell.
After the end of 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights 2009- , let’s go back to the good memories. Let’s remember Fredrik Edfeldt and let’s give cinema a chance to see more, feel more, and learn more. As I have been to Stockholm, more than once, it was my pleasure interviewing the Scandinavian winner of both Audience Award and The City of Athens Best Director Award, in 2009.

What means for you to be honored with the Audience award?

That means a lot. I am glad the film works in different cultural contexts. That proves to me that filmmaking is universal. Also I assume that, my ambition to say something about being a human, has succeeded.

Flickan is a movie about a girl that tries to survive without her parents. What led you to this movie?

I got the script from a scriptwriter and just thought it was great. It had a strong personal tone, it was very subjective. On top of that, it was also very visual, which is what attracts me about filmmaking.

How was your childhood? Did you stay alone more than you wanted to?

I had a great childhood but I also was very melancholic. In a way I felt alone in my own family, even though everyone was present. But I had a lot of friends and neighbors around me.
The loneliness can also be a kind of freedom where you have time to explore your inner life.

What is the most difficult part of the job when you work with children? How did you choose the girl?

We went on for almost a year and looked at like 900 girls. When Blanca walked into the room I knew I could do the film. Most difficult working with children is that you get a very tight schedule since children are not allowed to work long days.

Have you thought to proceed with a next movie, which is going to be connected with this one?

Yes, I would like to shoot it next year. I was very moved by the relationship between the girl and her father in "Flickan" so next film is about that.

Do you have special concerns that press you to express them through your films?

Yes I can imagine that, but I can’t put the finger on it myself. Maybe it has something to do about the lack of communication between people. Also I think as a good director you shouldn´t separate your work from yourself.

What did you like most at The Opening Nights festival of 2009?

It was all very good. I would like to come back.
How did you find Athens?

Just great; there is very good energy.

Would you like to be a stage director also?

Yes, I‘ve worked in theatre as a director’s assistant and would go back there one day and direct as well.

Apart from films, how do you burn out your passion for creativity?

Filmmaking requires a lot from you so there isn´t very much time left for anything else except your family, but I try to follow the contemporary art scene, like modern dance and also I am into architecture, more specific restoring old houses.

Thank you, Fredrik. Hope to see you again.


* Fredrik Edfeldt.jpg, Photographer: Spiros Nannos
Fredrik Edfeldt
(on the left) is the director of Flickan. His film got both Audience Award and The City of Athens Best Director Award at the 15th Athens International Film Festival, Opening Nights 2009.

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