For a Challenge: one poem with a suitable framing

*photo (December 2009, flight: Prague-Athens):

Feel free for the rose to come
out of the blue
while being just in the air
above white and thick clouds

For a Challenge

Sparkling moments:
The sofa gets spots twice
From my hand to yours

Nobody wins thinking:
I still wonder who plays who
At this game of mint-ice for two
You play the responder or the challenger
Who am I afterwards the question is

Doubt about:
Your body’s smell is spelling grass
After diving in a river
So unpredictably unknown
Now you seem next to me
Face to face here we are in a fresh
Sparkling intercourse of merged
Blooming worries and water-lilies

About me:
Experiencing amazement is not easy
Not easy to recover from its flowing

About you:
Bound for setting challenges
You still are
Embedded in a common nap
With slight creaking target-worries
Of seeing global, looking local

The mint candle light:
Fear for openness
Has lodged our rooms
For a challenge
We keep seeking interpretations
Even if challenge has no name to bounce

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