Behind time
Behind lime stories
Of the kitchen sink
I repack old leaves
Of my home store
That’s one familiar
But forgotten paradise
For everybody that dies
In the field of life
In a frozen room sphere
While it’s all ‘cause
Of a peculiar nose
That likes
To smell
To remember
To nestle up to the feather
Off the cage
When the canary offers
His belly which whispers the sea
Or his tiny feet which speak sleep
How unpredictable the nose
Has been pushed now
Where the flame sparkles
Above the candles and off the page
Here I am all together now
Ready for not staying intact
The old notes appear tonight
On my skin and memory
I am ready for contact
Everybody has returned home
Every face of lost holidays is near
And stress heads do not stir any more
Just a song quells any fear
I am your man
Of Leonard Cohen
It could be the tail of a squirrel
It could be the wristlet at my wrist
Rhesus Wrist as a nonsense dream
Sleep well and dream better
Everybody has a legend to drink

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