Soldier, you are in love

But you are in the army

Next to nature with your gun on

Water seems to be angry

Before leaving itself on the grass

It gives a show then and becomes

A pleasant tricky rainbow

For your eyes only lucky boy

While you cannot be transformed

Guns irritate you as they insinuate

One more embarrassing moment

For your body and soul

Soldier, you must be in love

Is it a demand or a guess?

It is what it is and that’s all

You are distracted right now

No more rainbows for dreamers

Water stopped jumping

Only sky and sky and then stop

It is worse than having a desk body

To carry after one 8-hour job

It is worse than having a garland

Wrapped around you that you never

Manage to escape from its web

Because you are a soldier

On duty and unmoved

My question is why they gave you

This ugly name instead of army boy

Or anything else, whatever

Roots make me wonder

If soldier is somebody sold

Or it is a tricky way to mask any fear

About war and violence

My beloved silent man

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