Call for papers until 30.06.09

Call for papers for the 4th edition of the Prize in memory of Nikolaos M.
The prize was created in 2001, thanks to the support of the Greek Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Culture, and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, the Department of Classical Studies and Near Eastern Studies of Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, and Fondazione Venezia (through the Associazione Italia-Grecia of Venice). It is intended for scholars not over forty years of age. The papers to be submitted to the judging committee must be related to the following areas of research:
- Byzantine and post-Byzantine language, literature, and history;
- Byzantine and humanistic philology;
- Archive records relating to Greek history (medieval and modern);
- Literary production in Demotic Greek;
- Cretan literature and culture of the Venetian period;
- Historical, historical-literary, and cultural relations between the Greek East
and the West, during the medieval and modern ages;
- The scholars of the Greek diaspora;
- Venice and the Greeks.

Papers must be original, by a single author, and unpublished by June 30, 2009,
the deadline for the call for papers.

Papers may be written in Italian, Greek, English, or French,
can be up to 50 A4-pages (character dimension 12, space 3, 30 lines), and must be submitted
both in paper form and in electronic format by June 30, 2009, to the following
Premio Panagiotakis, c/o Prof. Caterina Carpinato, Dipartimento di Scienze
dell’Antichità e del Vicino Oriente, Università Ca’ Foscari, Palazzo Marcorà
Malcanton, Dorsoduro 3484-d, 30123 Venezia, Italia.
E-mail address: premiopanagiotakis@yahoo.it

Applicants must include mail and e-mail addresses and a statement that the
candidate has not yet reached the age of forty at the deadline for the
submission of the papers.
The prize will be Euro 2,500.
The awarding ceremony will take place in Athens at a time and place to be
announced. The name of the winner will be communicated to the participants
via e-mail, between the end of September and the beginning of October 2009.
When the winning paper is published, the author must insert in it a note
stating that the study has been awarded the 2009 Panagiotakis Prize.

Winners of the past editions of the Prize:
- 2003. Filippomaria Pontani, Ulysses in Crete. Marco Musuro, A. Apopstolis
and the Odyssey
- 2005. Kostas Yiavis, Medieval Courtly Romance and Imberios and
Margarona. A Case of De-Medievalization

- 2007 ex aequo Marta Cardin, Epitaph for Socratea of Paros. Museo
Archeologico Nazionale of Venice;
Leonora Neville, Power-hungry Byzantine
Emperesses and Theodora’s Rhetorical Legacy: The Functions of Women in
Byzantine Historical Narratives.

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