Young and flexible: I met Brendon in Edinburgh

Faces I collected from Scotland and now talk to me

Brendon Mikronis is half Greek, from his father, who comes from Lefkada, and half Australian, from his mother. I met him by chance while wondering in Edinburgh in an attempt to pass alone through unknown doors so as to be exposed to hidden city secrets. It was not difficult to find Brendon at “Forest” as the door was widely open. “Forest” is one open space for coffee and drinks, friendly from the very beginning. I felt very well inside. However, I felt really better when I learnt more about Brendon: Brendon the photographer, Brendon the volunteer.

Brendon Mikronis is a paradigm of Vitizen. I have written about Vitizen that this term, which I have inaugurated through my essay regarding the multicultural city model of today, relates to “a dweller of the world in a broader sense without paying attention to flags that call upon the nation, the army, the massive parade”. Brendon fulfills this mobility in cultures, given that his notion about the world and humanity is located in-between. He works at Forest without being paid. He is devoted in something that gives him other opportunities except for money. For instance, he may get a kind of mythical narration back. Because it is never predictable what an accidental talking can bring him. This is exciting, for it implies a personal need for creating snapshots.

Snapshots and snaps go together, as Brendon prepares a drink and tells me about his passion, which lies on photography. But he doesn’t keep his passion alive in a convenient and conventional way. He sells his photos downtown: in the streets.
To check his website, just a click at www.unisoul.id.au is enough. As Brendon recommends, you can find many more photos, there are still many to be added also...

Dear Brendon, I really hope that your Grandfather enjoyed the Odos Panos CD I gave you and that he still finds inspiration in the poems of Cavafy recited by contemporary poets. Like at youtube.com video, energy is a good thing! Just to say good morning

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