&Something about trust in art when you don't know...

To explain how
I experience trust
Is feasible
On the other hand
I’d rather not
I am going to let it
Plain because
Languages keep wriggling
Out of our hands
Even after the markets stop
Even when we ignore the words
As there is an eye of wave
That serves both instinct and rhythm
In a circle of cultural trust
Where political finds personal in relation
Without bothering the universe
As if it were made a marketplace
Never demand explanations
About good and bad
Only ask why and how
Accepting the open gift of the other face
For Florian Merkel
For the art that removes memory
From the warning ring calls of daily stuff
The story of Pit and Pat is posted in German
In an attempt to let it plain
Maybe in the future more of Merkel will see
The way how trust prospers
As it is dense and blows the will
Of the child that touches
Selected flowers in the hill
With no reason to understand why

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