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Is Everybody Happy?
solo exhibition
March 20 - April 17 2010
Le Basse Projects - 6023 Washington Blvd Culver city
- Los Angeles 3105 contact@lebasseprojects.com

The bedroom floor splits in half letting a leafless tree to appear, causing damage to a sofa. Behind a miniature of a horse rider a chair collapses on the table while superman hovers in the air and the soldiers load their canon for attack.
A mixture of diverse minuscule characters and objects are assembled to create a disordered atmosphere, contradicting the obscure expression of the human figures that are trapped in an extravagant smile.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis's essential incentive is the desire for unveiling images and sounds from social revolts and individual agitations. This is portrayed in the disproportionate bodies and faces that act as reflective mirrors to their inner psychology. His images are opposed to any established identity; they constantly work under a process of modification that constructs innovative grounds as a purpose to deconstruct them. He unites this ambiguous transcendental happiness with a pandemonium of symbols and signs in order to build a playground of disarray. The incomplete and erased drawings are intentionally depicted with the purpose of highlighting as well as embracing the aspect of imperfection.

With the sarcastic title "is everybody happy?" the viewer is invited in a satirical play of chaos having the female figures as the central characters. The artist uses fragments from advertized models as a fundamental source in order to dismantle the "ideal" image of refinement. The collage-like women stare insistently towards the spectator, carrying these uncanny shiny smiles that express derision and irony in conjunction with confusion and anxiety. A jumble of narratives is created out of ink and acrylic, which brings into surface the relationship between the female nude and the male gaze. Distorted "Olympia" as an objectified image, uses her frozen smile to flirt with the spectator, exposing her body in a contemporary scene.

The first solo exhibition of Alexandros Vasmoulakis in the U.S, presented at the Lebasse Projects, on Saturday the 20th of March 2010.

Elli Paxinou, February 2010

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