Weatherproof Obama looks at the world of today

Inclement Weather or Weather as Implement; Obama ‘locks’ both...
I am reading that:
“The White House is angry at the Weatherproof clothing company for installing a Times Square billboard that implies the president is endorsing one of their jackets” http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2010/01/weatherproof-obama.html .
Anyway, I am thinking: Obama may be happy now. The reason why I come up to this evident conclusion is simple. Taking advantage of the implicit message emanating the famous advertising, reality can be used as a platform for Obama's own good. Obama appearance can offer the way for him not to narrate just facts but to create the right ones. And the ‘right’ facts lie on the issue of promptitude, one of the aspects that guarantee versatility. Therefore, the Weatherproof jacket that Obama wears, becomes out of the blue the imaginary proof according to which he can confront difficulties and resolve any upcoming problems. It does not matter if this is nothing but potential. The important for a politician is to arouse enthusiasm by any means. Judging the Obama advertising from this standpoint, there is no doubt that its call to the mind of people –not just to the mind of the Americans- is for Obama’s own good. It cultivates expectations about his profile.

Of course, neither the White House nor Obama himself are going to admit it. And their reciprocal denial, under the auspices of which the ideal type (ideotype) of political, incorruptible character has been justified, paves the way for both the leading advertising and the lasting system to expand their role in the society or societies. Needless to say that any system has been organized on the basis of a conservative character in order to protect itself; at this case, politics goes advertising for free and advertising goes politics for profit. Media news just goes Google.
I stay close to French: ‘‘avoir le vent en poupe’’
Not bad to play the ‘poupée’ from time to time…if the world needs you my lord


*it is nothing more than the pc. Example of ‘ideotype- videotape’. My Greek follows me in between writing but technological tools –e.g. programs like word- do not reckon I am right…

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