Why blogging interests? Top seasons for decisions

for animal testing or...1-10

To create some kind of approved familiarity in front you: the digital self is looking at you

To gain some space in the digital online world and reach the borders of the unknown: suddenly there is something yours out there even though it is an illusion to believe that this is really yours

To share and dare to give from your time to others

To experience serendipity not only by the facts’ synthesis but also next after your blog entry

To be active, ‘‘alive and kicking’’ with some clicks

To write and feel as a person and not as an employee; to write and feel in time and not in space; to write and feel the limitless and not the limited

To combine qualities; swim wise

To imagine; imagination lies on a contract of controlled and reconsidered images by the self

To expect and learn: knowledge is a process based on social criteria; the more the idea of the potential reader approaches you, the more you want to learn and you achieve to do so

To make others observe and be better in creativity; Greek is creative in form and fond

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